Computer and Laptop Repair

Five Reasons to ChooseFixPlus for Computer and Laptop Repairs

  • ✓  Fast and free quotes – we’ll give you a quote in no time at all, our quotes are free, and there is no-obligation.
  • ✓  Fast repairs – our in-house technicians will ensure your phone, laptop, or other device gets repaired fast. Plus, we keep a lot of spare parts in stock, reducing waiting times even further.
  • ✓  Guaranteed quality – we have extensive experience in the industry as well as knowledge of all main devices and brands. This means you can be sure of the quality of workmanship you will receive. Plus, we backup this commitment to quality with a three-month guarantee on all repairs.
  • ✓  Flexible appointments – we work evenings and on Saturday as well as during the working week, making it easy to get an appointment at a time that suits you
  • ✓  We fix everything – phones, laptops, Macs, PCs, tablets, servers, hard drives, and more.

Our Computer and Laptop Repair Services

  • ✓  Screens – have you a cracked or faulty screen on your laptop. Bring it to us and we’ll replace it. We can also fix dim display problems too.
  • ✓  Power jack – the DC jack on a laptop gets a lot of use, so it is common for them to develop faults. If you are having a problem with yours, we will repair or replace it.
  • ✓  Battery and AC power adapter – we can get you a replacement AC adapter or battery if yours are faulty.
  • ✓  Replacing laptop keyboards– we can also replace the keyboard on your laptop if it has developed a fault. In fact, we can fix the keyboard you use with your desktop computer too, typically by replacing individual keys.
  • ✓  DVD drives – we can replace DVD RW and DVD RAM optical drives in all makes and model of laptop.
  • ✓  Laptop water damage – if you believe your laptop is water damaged, do not power it on until you speak to us. We should be able to get it back working properlyagain.
  • ✓  Problems with Windows – whatever problem you are having with Windows or any other operating system, get in touch with our team. This includes error messages and the dreaded blue screen of death.
  • ✓  Cracked laptop hinges and panels – laptops can get a lot of use which can cause the outer panels and hinges to become damaged. Our team will get this sorted for you.
  • ✓  Laptop data recovery – lots of things can cause you to lose data on your laptop including hard drive failures, physical damage, water damage, viruses, and more. Your data isn’t fully lost, however, until you let us check to see if we can recover it for you.
  • ✓  Preventing future data loss –if you keep important data on your laptop, let us set up a data backup and recovery solution to keep your information safe, whatever happens to your laptop.
  • ✓  Motherboards – we can diagnose motherboard faults and then carry out repairs or replacements on all brands of laptop.
  • ✓  Other components – don’t worry if the problem you are having with your laptop doesn’t fit neatly into any of the categories above. Contact us to see how we can help.

Get a Free Quote

The starting point with any laptop problem is to contact us at FixPlus. We will give you our initial thoughts and will then arrange for you to bring the laptop in. Once we have checked it, we’ll then be able to get you a free, no-obligation quote before we begin any work. Call today on 09-6006506.